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As of now the internet has billions of sites, therefore the importance of website design has never been emphasized as before. Everyone wants their site to be special and unique. For this you got to have a good website design plan for the site. There are some main points which should be followed to get a good website design.

Good Business Website Design

Recent studies have shown that it takes only 3 seconds for the visitor to make a decision to stay on site or bounce. The bounce rate is pretty much dependent on the website design. Flash may be pretty looking but its heavy loading, not many visitors will wait for the heavy sites to load and would close the browser. Don’t try to use any background sound or any automatic music in the flash, if it’s really necessary in the website design then keep the voice disabled by default and present an option to the user to enable sound.

Stick with a moderate color scheme. Too bright or too dark colors both make a mess of the website design.  You don't want to scare away a potential customer with a color palate that is too bright and might give them a headache.

Easy Navigation:

It’s frustrating if you cannot find what you are looking for in a business website. The navigation of the site should be logical and content should be arranged in a proper way so that customers can easily browse through site. The placement of the navigation links and internal linking of the pages is an important aspect when planning a website design. Time is money and if the customers cannot easily find what they are looking for they will turn to your competitors.

Good Content:

Good content is the most important aspect in the website Design, Presenting clients with good content will not only make a good impression on the visitors but will also help in good rankings in the search engines. If the content is good then less work needs to be done the search engine optimization of the site. Talk to the customers as freely on the site as possible, just use your style if you like to convey your thoughts in short sentences then its fine if you are very expressive then you should try to use points, paragraph or bullets to highlight the main points in the content. Some readers like to scan the website and want to find the information they are looking for quickly. Bullets, points and using paragraphs will make it easy for them to find their desired information quickly.


The website design should be planned with a theme in mind; Website Design is not just placing the content, arranging good graphics in the pages or playing with colors. The site should present the view the business and services you are offering to the customer in first look. It’s pretty hard to create a good impression on the customer but takes small mistakes to give it up. If the site look is consistent the customer feels comfortable and get used to the site as they browse around. If the design changes all of a sudden then they might get confused.

Good Domain Name:

A good simple domain name that is relevant to the business and marketing terms you will be optimizing for makes it easy to work. It would be frustrating if a potential customer cannot remember the business website name. Even inferior is when the client remembers the name but it was spelled strange and now they just can't find it. Make sure your domain name relates to your business. This will make the name easier to remember and to relate your business web site to your business.

Following these website design elements will help you make a successful business website.
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